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Dragon and Thief Timothy Zahn Fourteen-year-old orphan Jack Morgan is hiding out. In a spaceship. Falsely accused of a crime, he pilots his Uncle Virgil's spaceship to a remote and uninhabited planet hoping to escape capture. When another ship crashes after a fierce battle, Jack rescues the sole... Released: March 01, 2004
In order to be a good writer one has to be a prolific reader. I thought I would list some of the books that I have read and enjoyed. I have them listed through iBooks as well as Amazon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
Dragon and Soldier
Timothy Zahn
Dragon and Thief
, the first novel in the Dragonback series, was named an American Library Association Best Book For Young Adults. The second novel,
Dragon and Soldier
is another fast-paced, compulsively readable SF adventure featuring an odd couple of reluctant partners on an unusual q...
Released: April 01, 2007
Dragon and Slave
Timothy Zahn
Fourteen-year-old Jack Morgan has been through a lot. His parents died years ago, and since his Uncle Virgil was killed, Jack has been alone. But he does have a friend now, named Draycos . . . if you can call a golden-scaled draconic K'da poet-warrior a friend.
The two friends both ...
Released: May 30, 2006
Dragon and Herdsman
Timothy Zahn
Jack Morgan has had it rough. He was orphaned at three, then lost his Uncle Virgil ten years later. But the plucky fourteen-year-old didn't know what rough was until he met Draycos, sole survivor of an advance force of alien refugees that had been brutally ambushed over the world where Jack was...
Released: April 01, 2007
Dragon and Judge
Timothy Zahn
Orphaned at the age of three, brought up by his Uncle Virgil, a con man, Jack Morgan has done things that are unusual even in the future in space. But when he rescued Draycos, a dragon-like symbiont, from certain death, his life became a series of breathtaking adventures. With the help of Draycos, w...
Released: June 03, 2008
Dragon and Liberator
Timothy Zahn
In this exciting space adventure, fourteen-year-old Jack Morgan and Draycos, a poet/warrior K'da dragon who can hide himself as a tattoo on Jack's back, have their backs to the wall. Brought together by a twist of fate, these two have been through a lot of scrapes, risking death and impris...
Released: May 27, 2008
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